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I could really feel Gods presence while listening to your program. There is an unspeakable joy in my heart. I used to be a Catholic. Now I have peace and joy in my heart since I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord.



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Hi, Friend! Welcome to DXFE-FEBC!

One less angry person a day -- this is a noble goal and the little box called “radio” can make it possible. Everyday, the number of angry people is increasing and somehow, a different voice from the airwaves can make a difference. 

A voice of hope, grace, and truth -- that is the voice of DXFE-FEBC! At the end of the day, we at DXFE, all share a meaningful smile knowing that we faithfully brought the Gospel to this angry world. The result may not be readily seen, but deep in our hearts we believe that God is using our voices to bring hope to the people who truly
need it. 

You can help us bring Christ to the world by radio!

Pray for and support our ministry. Join us in taking on the challenge of making the world one less angry person a day!

Signing On,

Rev. Arnel Tan
Station Manager


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E-mail: dxfe@febc.org.ph

Mobile Phone: (0916) 364-4612

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Phone (082)227-65-30


: Circumferential Road Dona Vicente Village, Davao City


1197 kHz DXFE began broadcasting in 1971. Since then, the station has been reaching the people of Davao and other parts of Southern Mindanao with the Word of God. The station continues to create a Gospel impact and influence in homes, the community and government.

Strength: 10 kilowatts

Target audience: general, business people, students

Coverage: Whole of Southern Mindanao, parts of Eastern & Central Mindanao

Thrust: To bring Christ to the world by radio, programming news commentary, community development, music entertainment, devotional, evangelistic, discipleship-personal development.

Recognitions. Excellence in Broadcst Journalism given by SSS Philippines Main Office, 2011

1999 Corruption Prevention Unit of the Year from the Office of the Ombudsman, awarded on May 12, 2002.

Special Recognition from the Balay Dangupan (a center for abused and sexually-exploited children) of the Davao City Government, awarded on September 21, 2002.

Special Recognition for Partnership in the Balik Patak Contra Polio Campaign of the Department of Health, awarded on May 14, 2003.

Our vision. To have a relevant, creative and sound Biblical Gospel broadcast aiming to be close to each listener, bringing Christ to each family. An excited and grace oriented partnership with the body of Christ making an evangelical impact and influence in the homes, community and government.


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